Brave and beautiful Buddy

29th Apr, 2020

Written by Reese Harley, founder of PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary

Professional photography by Nat Gold ZA

Buddy was kept on a chain for most of his life. He belonged to a family in Mitchells Plain, and, unbelievably, when they moved away, they just abandoned him on the streets. 

Nobody cared

The neighbours felt bad and let him sleep in their garden, but they never really cared for him; they never fed or even put water down for him. When they bought a Pit Bull Terrier puppy, Buddy, once again, was put out on the streets to fend for himself. His only friend was a pup that lived in the neighbourhood, and they played together in the road. 

Buddy was left to find food for himself to survive, wandering down to the fisheries where he’d sit hoping someone would throw him some scraps. He scrounged through trash piles to find anything to eat to stay alive. He often followed people, hoping they’d notice how skinny he was and give him something to eat. 

The children in the area threw stones at him and kicked at him if he came close; he has large scars on his back end from their cruelty. He had no one who loved him or cared enough to ease his suffering. He had no shelter from the rain, the cold of winters and the burning heat of the summer sun. This gentle dog desperately needed a lifeline.

She took pity on him

One day, Tashmin May, who lived in the area, saw him and noticed the poor condition he was in. She took pity on the old brown dog and began giving him food and water – and a bit of love too. He soon came to her house every day to get his goodies. 

She looked around to find where he slept and found him in a dug-out hole next to where he’d lived with his family. The people who lived there took no interest in him and gave him no food, shelter or water to drink; they wanted nothing to do with him. They seemed happy to watch him grow increasingly thinner while doing nothing to bring him comfort. 

By that time, he’d been on the streets for around seven years with no one helping him. Can you imagine having to scratch out a living for all those years? 

Silver muzzles

Tashmin decided to try and find someone who’d take him in and give him love and a family. He was growing old, and getting around was harder than it used to be when he was young. She took to Facebook. While there were plenty of comments on the post, not a soul offered to take him in. The post was shared for quite a while with, sadly, no one stepping forward to help.

Then, PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary was tagged in the post by someone who knew of us. We instantly fell in love with his picture, and he was welcomed into our family of senior dogs who’d come from similar circumstances at a time in life when they needed help the most. We invited Buddy to come and live the rest of his life in comfort with friends, nutritious food, lots of love and vet care, and a soft pillow bed to sleep on. 

PawFriends has worked in the townships for eight years, and our hearts go out to the senior dogs that are abandoned by their families for no other reason than the fact that they’re getting old. These people invariably buy a new puppy while leaving their senior friend to literally starve slowly and painfully on their front porch for no other reason than their advancing age.

Happy days for Buddy

Well, that’s all in the past for Buddy now! It’s happy days and nights for him at the Sanctuary. He’s grown into a beautiful dog – no longer the skeletal animal that first arrived. He was frightened at first and didn’t know what to expect, but within hours, he realised that the dogs here were welcoming and happy to have a new friend. 

The meals at PawFriends are gourmet – we cook bone broth with tons of veggies, rice, and a kilo of Elgin chicken or liver every day. Joint powder, diatomaceous earth, Silverlab colloidal silver water, a pinch of bicarbonate of soda, and collagen are added to each meal, packing a punch of taste and nutrition, and the dogs love it!

Initially, Buddy was scared of having something around his neck. Within two weeks, he allowed me to put a collar on him. Then he let me put a harness on him. This was excellent progress for a dog who had to learn to trust humans all over again. Today, Buddy is a favourite of visitors to the Silver Muzzle Sanctuary and on Facebook. 

Virtual adoption

Buddy will remain with PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary for the rest of his days, being treated with the care and love he deserves. You can Virtually Adopt him and help to support his new life! This makes an enormous difference, both to Buddy and to other animals like him that also need our help.

For your monthly donation, we’ll send you pictures and emails on his new, happy life. With your help, we’ll be able to make his remaining years his best years and give him the vet care he needs as he goes on with a very happy life. 

In fact, all our oldies are available for Virtual Adoption, so please pick the one your heart melts for. With your help, we can take in more dogs that need rescue from the same type of suffering that Buddy went through. 

Should you wish to Virtually Adopt Buddy or any of his friends, please email Reese Harley of PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary and Animal Rescue Org. NPO 138-085 at

About PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary

PawFriends Animal Rescue is a Capetonian non-profit organisation primarily working in the township of Westlake to help needy animals. PawFriends Silver Muzzle Sanctuary grew from their work in the impoverished area when they saw how senior animals were often neglected and abandoned. It exists to provide a sanctuary for senior dogs and cats.

Read more about this incredible organisation here and follow them on Facebook.

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