Brave Little Marmite

8th Jan, 2021

Written by Alicia Thomas – SPCA Louis Trichardt

Professional photography by Pix for Paws

During September, we were notified about a puppy that was heard crying in pain. On closer inspection by an animal angel, it was found that the dog’s ears had been cut off with a pair of scissors – clearly, without any pain medication or sedation.

Our inspector was able to locate the poor pup and its owner. The puppy was immediately taken for veterinarian treatment and then signed over into the care of SPCA Louis Trichardt.

Maiming is against South African law and is a criminal offence according to the Animal Protection Act 71 of 1962. The law states that unless there’s a medical reason, cropping and tail docking isn’t permitted, even if done by a qualified veterinarian. This extremely cruel and painful practice is performed to make a dog appear more vicious and aggressive. Sadly, it’s a practice that still happens very often.

We opened a case of animal cruelty against the puppy’s owner but are still awaiting the outcome.

Despite the pain and suffering this poor puppy had endured, he was still super-friendly, upbeat and full of life. We decided to call him Brave, as nothing could keep this spunky, courageous boy down. As soon as he was fully healed, he was advertised for adoption.

From the moment his profile posted on our Facebook page, the applications began streaming in. Within a day, Brave had settled in his new home with his human mom, Nelia Scheepers. She says that the moment she saw Brave, she knew he had to be hers!

Brave, now named Marmite, resides on a farm with his mom and two four-footed siblings. Nothing can steal his joy, which is completely infectious.

Marmite’s story has a happy ending, but there are so many other special dogs and cats who don’t know the comfort and happiness of having a home. They’re patiently waiting to be adopted from your nearest shelter. You could change their world forever – please don’t shop, rather adopt.

Marmite’s owner, Nelia Scheepers, shares…

When I looked into his beautiful eyes, saw his soft, shiny coat, pointy ears and the love that radiated from him, adoration instantly replaced my pity!

One of my dogs, Luna, thinks Marmite is her child, and she’s besotted with him. And my grumpy old dog, Milo, has accepted him, so now my family is complete.

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