9th Aug, 2019

Written by Sonia Peck, volunteer at DARG (Domestic Animal Rescue Group)

Professional photography by Alan Baxter Photography

Eight and a half years ago, a medium-sized, adult, one-eyed black dog arrived at DARG, lost, from Rondebosch. Owing to her awkward appearance, she was constantly overlooked for adoption. Her “happy dances” whenever she saw anyone approach her, along with her adorable love of water, seemingly weren’t enough to raise her chances of adoption. 

The volunteers loved her, as did the kennel hands, and her time at DARG was as peaceful and pleasant as possible. 

Not long ago, a lady came to DARG asking for something quite extraordinary: “I’d like a dog that isn’t adoptable”... and, well, in less than a tail wag, she was led to Coco.  

It was love at one-eyed sight. 

Presently, Coco is living the high life in a very exclusive environment. She really did land on her four feet, as her new carer owns a spa that Coco is most definitely not excluded from! She not only gets an array of doggy clothing options, but daily massages and nail treatments! 

She’s deeply loved and is most certainly making up for lost time. From home-cooked meals and constant treats to lounging in the sun, this little girl radiates contentment and gratitude on a daily basis. 

Patience really is a virtue. 

Coco’s owner, Nicola Tyson, shares…

I’m so grateful to Faustina! She matched me to Coco rather than me making a choice, and it’s a dream union! She couldn’t have gotten it more right.

I’m amazed by Coco. Faustina told me that it takes a lot for a dog to last for such a long time in a shelter, as it isn’t easy for them mentally. She also told me that Coco was smart... and she is!

When she first came home, I was feeding her in the kitchen. After a few days, she picked up her loaded bowl and carried it outside and looked up at me as if to say “I prefer eating al fresco”.

The other day we gave her a bit of mac and cheese, but the bowl was sliding all over the place when she tried to eat it. Instead of struggling, she picked it up and carted it over to a step so that she’d have leverage and the bowl wouldn’t slip, as it was pressed up against the back of the step. 

She’s much loved by the whole spa team. Coco is my shadow but is still independent enough to go downstairs and take a nap if she feels she needs a break. 

Coco’s reached a point where she’s excited to go to work (which is upstairs) and will walk back and forth between me and the door, as if to say “let’s get the show on the road”. 

She’s just absolutely amazing, and I can’t believe she was overlooked for such a long time! She’s so much more than what I expected!