Fabulous Frankie

7th May, 2021

Written by Jenny Swanson

Professional photography by Veronica Strydom Photography and Jaco Sa-Pet Nel

I first saw the photo of Frankie on the Project Dog Facebook page on the day they found him. I just couldn’t believe that anyone could do this to an animal – he was such a sad soul and in a terrible state. I knew then and there that I’d adopt him.

He was found in the bushes on the side of the road near Hazelmere Dam. A female jogger saw something lying in the bushes but wasn’t sure what it was. She took a closer look: at first, she thought this little bundle was dead, so she prodded him with a stick. He gave a little yelp, raised himself and started to wag his tail

She immediately contacted Quicha Morgado of Project Dog who immediately arranged to get him to a vet. He was diagnosed with biliary and was covered in sarcoptic mange, as well as being emaciated. I’m sure that he wouldn’t have survived for much longer if he hadn’t received prompt veterinary treatment.

After a few weeks of being treated at the vet, I adopted Frankie and he came home to live with his other rescue brothers and sisters.

We carried on with the skin treatment and gave him only the best food. Within a few weeks, his fur started growing. He still looked like a bit of a warthog, and we were unsure as to what he was going to look like. But then his hair grew and grew and grew! And Frankie became a real fluff ball! 

In the beginning, he’d only sleep under something like a table or a chair; I think he was used to finding cover at night in a bush, so this is where he felt comfortable. He now sleeps next to me on my pillow.

Frankie’s made us so proud recently, having achieved second place in two classes at the Horse and Hound fundraiser for Border Collie Rescue! He came second in Best Mixed Breed and Best Rescue. He also went around the beginner agility course – a first time for him.

Things Frankie loves most:  

  • His stuffed toys: he has his favourites, but every day when I get home, he runs and brings me the white one with the big red heart on it – I think he’s trying to tell me something!
  • Treat time in the morning.
  • Playing with the cardboard from the inside of toilet rolls.
  • Cheese – he very quickly learnt the sound of the cheese container, and he never misses the opportunity to be there when it’s opened so he can get a little piece.
  • Walk time in the evenings – every night, I take Frankie, his brother, Thomas, and his sisters Tinkerbell and Noodle for a walk around our smallholding to check on the horses and visit the cows next door.

Frankie turned four on the 27th of May last year (we allocated him this date because he had to have a physical birthday so that he could have his annual party), and celebrating his life and being part of our family is truly our pleasure


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