If cats could talk, they wouldn’t…

26th Aug, 2020

Written by Lelanie Loftie-Eaton, Volunteer, TOP (The Outreach Programme)

Professional photography by Tiffany Schultz Photography

We were contacted by a lady with regards to a cat that she’d found at her pre-school in Strand. She fed the cat for a couple of months and, with lockdown looming, decided to take her home. Alas, one of the fur siblings didn’t get on with Felix, as she was named, and we were asked to rehome her. We started advertising for her on various social media platforms, and one Sunday evening we received a message from Martin du Plessis that had us confused.

A family friend had drawn his attention to an ad showing Felix up for adoption. Felix is in fact known as Olivia, their youngest daughter’s cat who’d gone missing almost three years ago. For weeks they’d searched and placed ads on Facebook and at vets, but eventually they gave up, thinking either someone had stolen her or she’d passed away somewhere, somehow. The little girl was heartbroken for months.

Lo and behold, after ALL this time, here pops up this ad… and it’s unmistakably Olivia!

Everyone checked and double-checked the body and facial markings, scrutinising them in detail. We were 99.9% sure it was the same cat, and after obtaining the address from where she’d been lost, we traced her movements and the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. By Monday afternoon the family was reunited with Felix, who’s now once again Olivia.

We still don’t know where she was all this time (at least two years are unaccounted for) and who’d fed her!

From Olivia’s Family

After three years, we didn’t even give thought to look for, never mind find, Olivia! We were dumbstruck when a family friend sent us the ad by TOP (The Outreach Programme) with what was no doubt our Olivia! Monday after school Carine went with her dad to Ebervet, where Felix/Olivia was staying and went home. She now has a microchip inserted, JUST in case she decides to go roaming again.

She fit right back in, as if she’d never gone. Sleeping in her favourite position, making sure she has enough space, interrupting Zoom meetings and video calls. Our “Dikkes” is back, and we couldn’t be happier.

We’d like to know where she was all this time, but that remains a mystery that might never be solved.



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