Jenna, our most special girl

13th Jan, 2021

Written by Belinda Abraham, Communications, Education and Resource and Development Manager at the Cape of Good Hope SPCA

Professional photography by Nat Gold ZA

Jenna was trapped in a pipe leading into a canal; nobody knows how she got there. She must’ve been so cold, as water was constantly flowing through the pipe into the canal and there was no way out for her. When we were alerted to Jenna’s predicament, our inspector, Siviwe Noko, responded. But he soon realised that he wasn’t quite equipped for this unusual rescue. He quickly returned to the SPCA for a pair of gumboots, a ladder, and an extra pair of hands and returned to the site with our chief inspector, Jaco Pieterse, at his side.

Jenna wasn’t only cold; she was also terribly scared of humans and in her fearful state was thwarting all attempts to rescue her. She must’ve been starving too, but not even a bowl of good food could tempt her to leave what she considered to be the safe sanctuary of the pipe. It turned into a long day of employing several creative tactics in an attempt to reach her, none of which were working, but we couldn’t give up. We were aware that she had a badly broken leg and needed urgent veterinary attention.

What was needed was for someone to go into the pipe, win her trust and coax her out, but our inspectors aren’t small-build men and would’ve certainly got stuck in the process. Fortunately, a hero stepped up to assist. A slightly built member of the Steenberg community volunteered to help, and Jenna was finally free of the pipe and on her way to our animal hospital.

On arrival, she was treated for pain and kept comfortable until her leg could be surgically pinned. Each day, Jenna came further out of her shell, she started to trust again, and her body healed along with her heart. She stayed in the hospital for a while but didn’t mind at all: she loved all the attention she received and adored her carer, Mitchell Standaar.

It’s terrible to think that Jenna may have died alone and in pain, trapped in a pipe flowing with water. We’re so thankful to the Steenberg community for calling us and for getting actively involved in this rescue. We’re equally thankful to everyone who supports our work; we wouldn’t have been able to be there to help without your support. Jenna thanks you too!

We couldn’t be happier that Jenna has now found her forever happiness with the Forbes family, where she’s a very valued member of a loving household. Jenna will never have to experience being alone, cold and hungry or in pain again. Thank goodness for the willing hearts of this family; we know the love they give will be reciprocated tenfold by the newest furry addition to their family.

Lorna Forbes, Jenna’s new owner, shares

In August, we very sadly had to put our Pug down as he had cancer. Our Boxer, Parker, was very lonely, and we wanted to get him a friend. Because we wanted to give a rescue dog a loving home, we decided to look into adopting from the SPCA.

Jenna was my first choice during my first visit in October. However, a possible adoption was already pending. I left my search for about a month, then I returned to the SPCA in November. Jenna was still there but was being collected that Saturday. I saw a few other dogs that I liked and took Parker on the Monday for a “meet-and-greet”. 

The other options didn’t go well, and then Nicole brought out Jenna! The family that was going to adopt her had decided to take an older dog as Jenna was very energetic! Parker was a little aggressive towards her, and we couldn’t let them off the lead. Nicole suggested we come back the next day and try again. It went much better!

I then went back again on Friday, and although it wasn’t quite as successful, the potential was still there. Jenna was very sweet and submissive, so it was going to be up to Parker's acceptance in the end. 

After the home visit was done, Nicole brought Jenna for a meet-and-greet at our home. We walked the dogs together outside the property and then brought them in and let them off their leads. It was a little nerve-racking as Parker was not sure how to behave. There were a few moments where we had to breathe in, but it seemed to be going okay. Nicole decided that she’d leave Jenna overnight.

Initially, Parker was a little grumpy and jealous. He wouldn’t let her into his space, but within a few days, they were charging around the garden together and cuddling in the same bed!

Parker has become a father figure to Jenna and is teaching her things. They share toys and are the best of friends!

Jenna is the most special little girl and has stolen all our hearts! She’s settled in beautifully and is becoming more confident and relaxed every day. She no longer jumps at every noise, nor is she on constant alert as she was initially. She sleeps peacefully and loves her new family as much as we love her!

We’re blessed to have found her and to have her as part of our family! Thank you to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

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