Lavishing Lulu with Love

24th Jun, 2020

Written by Tara McGovern, Communications, Resource and Development – Cape of Good Hope SPCA

When someone put little Lulu into a black rubbish bag – with the rest of their garbage – they made it clear that this dog was regarded as nothing more than a piece of trash. They threw her away, literally, before they even dumped the bag in a veld.

Thank heavens for Ricardo Daniel, the passer-by who heard muffled crying and couldn’t ignore it. Listening closely, he followed the source of the sound to a tightly closed black bag. He was shocked to find a terrified, whimpering dog covered in rotting rubbish when he opened it.

After contacting us, Ricardo stayed at Lulu’s side until we reached her. But it was only once she was safely in our Animal Hospital that we realised the extent of her neglect.

Infested with ticks and fleas, this little crossbreed also had a skin infection. In addition to her hospitalisation, medicines and treatment, she also needed rehabilitation – all of which would cost about R20,000, but she’s worth every cent. 

For Lulu, a weak, gentle soul, being unloved and unwanted was only part of her reality. She was also uncared for: no vet visits, no grooming, no attention, no love. For a dog, that’s a miserable life, and we’re determined to hold Lulu’s abuser accountable and have appealed for information. 

With the kind support of your donations, we were able to help Lulu, and your continued support will help our investigations team to follow up all leads.

Lulu has completely transformed from the frail and weakened soul we first met just a few months ago. Now she’s loved beyond measure by her new dad, Andreas Hauke, and is, slowly but surely, winning her fur-sibling over.

To our supporters and followers on our Facebook page, your support gave Lulu the chance to receive the life-saving treatment that brought her back from the brink of certain death had we not stepped in. Thank you for allowing our team to continue helping animals just like Lulu, who need us more than ever.

Andreas Hauke, Lulu’s new owner, shares…

I received a message from Yanic Klue, owner of the AtFrits Pet Hotel & Daycare Centre about this dog that was found in a garbage bag. It was a newsletter from the Good Hope SPCA. I immediately got in touch with Belinda from the SPCA and asked if I could visit Lulu, as she’d just been brought in.

On my first visit to the hospital Lulu’s eyes looked so sad, and I couldn’t resist immediately adopting her. The SPCA took such good care of her, and since I picked her up, she’s completely transformed.

Once I brought her home, we had a tough task getting Marvin used to a new friend. Marvin’s also a rescue dog I adopted from Rachael Sylvester, the owner of Sidewalk Specials ( He’s quite a character and very spoiled.

It took a few days for him to get used to sharing the love, but they’re now besties. He quickly showed her how to cuddle with her new dad, and sleeping in the bed is a must. Lulu follows me around everywhere, and every chance she gets she shows me how happy she is to have a safe home where she can play, bark, cuddle, eat and sleep… that’s the new life she should have always had! Lulu is incredibly affectionate, playful, and just the cutest girl.

Lulu is being lavished with love during the lockdown, and we couldn’t be happier for this beautiful girl.

Enjoy watching Lulu’s video here



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