From Dodi to Evie, our honorary Sighthound’s happy ending

12th Feb, 2021

Written by Helen Sadler, Adoptions Officer at AACL Bellville, and Cheryl Campbell, Founder of Sighthound Rescue SA (SRSA)

Photography by Lucid Dream Photography

Helen shares…

Dodi came to us after a kind, caring lady saw her and another puppy searching for food at a rubbish dump in Delft and contacted us to help.

Once in our care, the puppies were bathed, examined by our vet and given yummy food, which was devoured because they were so hungry. After a couple of days, we noticed that one of the pups wasn’t doing too well, and we thought it was due to him possibly having eaten something bad. Sadly, despite our best efforts and after trying everything, we had to put him to sleep.

I’ve known Cheryl Campbell of Sighthound Rescue for many years, and she’s helped many of our dogs, so I called her to see if she’d be able to take Dodi. Once she saw Dodi’s photo, it was a done deal, and Dodi went off to Auntie Cheryl.

We’re delighted with Dodi’s progress, which Cheryl relates below. AACL cannot thank Cheryl enough for once again stepping in to help a little soul.

Cheryl shares…

Helen called me once little Dodi was strong enough to be discharged from the AACL hospital and asked if I could take her. We normally only take purebred Greyhounds as we struggle to home crossbreeds, but I took one look at Dodi’s photo and fell like a stone. The timing was also great as I’m fostering a new Greyhound pup that will be trained as a diabetic alert therapy dog through Honey’s Garden for Medical Alert Dogs. She needed a young companion to play with as the rest of her litter had already been homed.

When Dodi came home, she was a scrawny and sickly 1.9kg shivering little bundle scared of all new things! Shortly afterwards, she was diagnosed with Ehrlichia and was immediately started on treatment. She also had a severe eye infection. The saddest thing of all was that she’d never known a warm bed, and for the first few nights, she slept curled up on the floor.

Dodi was started on six small meals a day, and Acana donated a big bag of puppy food for her. She receives cooked meals with chicken/rice and veggies. Her wounds have all healed and she weighs in at a healthy 5.6 kg. Dodi is about six months old and will be a small breed dog.

Now a happy bouncing bundle of mischief, she’s been attending puppy daycare where she’s done her socialisation and had basic training. Housetraining and lead work are in progress, but Dodi will learn soon. She’s good with all other animals and adores children, and she loves riding in the car. Her most endearing trait is she talks all the time in small chirps like a little African wild dog puppy. She loves humans and needs to interact with them a lot.

I sent Laina Jordan, Area Sales Representative for Pack Leader Pet Products, photos of Dodi so she could show her Acana team how their donation benefits our starved and broken pups. She immediately asked if Dodi needed a home, and the rest, as they say, is history!

SRSA likes the foster-to-adopt protocol as we’re then sure that the hound fits in perfectly with the adopter’s family and home, hence our return stats of 0.2%. In Dodi’s instance, as we’d hoped, it was a perfect match. She fitted in well with Laina’s family and became another wonderful foster fail.

Laina Jordan, Dodi’s new owner, shares…

Cheryl’s message of thanks for our Acana food donation that had helped this special pup included some photos of Dodi. When I saw them, I asked if this little pup needed a foster family and arranged to collect her the next day.

So, I went to fetch Dodi, took her to the vet for her vaccination and check-up and then drove her to our home in Noordhoek.

On arrival, Dodi was happy to meet our Mexican Hairless dog Loolia – a foster failure many years ago. Dodi licked her all over and immediately wanted to play. Then we introduced Dodi to my five-year-old son, Malakai, who’s autistic. I’ve been open to getting my son a dog, but he or she needed to have the right temperament for it to be a successful relationship.

It was love at first sight. Malakai played with her and they just connected. It’s still early days, but we’ve decided that she’ll be staying with us. Malakai has changed her name to Evie. She’s an absolute bundle of love, so sweet and gentle and oh so clever.

Our cats aren’t thrilled with the new addition – Evie wants to play with them and they’re still unsure, but I have no doubt that Evie will settle in completely very soon. She easily accepted wearing her harness on our first walk and walks like a little champion next to me while my son rides his bike. She gets so excited that she bunny hops along smiling.

Evie is the perfect dog for us. We’re so very thankful that she made her way to us via AACL and Sighthound Rescue.



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