Living life with Grace

26th Mar, 2021

Written by Kelly Arendse, Marketing Manager, Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town

Professional photography by the AACL Team and Des Featherstone 

AACL Cape Town Inspector Danfred Olifant rescued this brave girl from the streets of Delft. When she arrived at the league, she was given a bath to soothe her mange and food to fill her belly.

On her first day at the shelter, she slept for 90% of the time, as she was so exhausted from fending for herself and more than likely scavenging for food daily. Months of rehabilitation lay ahead before she’d become a happy and healthy dog. Our mission is to ensure that our animals stay healthy and safe – we vaccinate, deworm, treat for ticks and fleas and give the necessary medical care and attention they deserve.

When she initially came to the shelter, she was scared and wary of human touch, but we quickly reassured her that we’d help and care for her. We asked our Facebook family to name her and she became Percy – short for perseverance. Our group of supporters came together to donate towards the rehabilitation of Percy’s #GiveALittleLove initiative.

In no time, Percy was popular on our Facebook page. Someone enquired about adopting her, and once the adoption process was completed, she was booked! It’s safe to say Percy, who’s now called Grace, is living an amazing life in her new forever home where she’s spoilt endlessly.

Abigail Nel, Grace’s owner, shares…

One of my two biggest dreams in life was to have a dog whom I could take for walks. Lockdown caused me (and a few others, I’m sure) to re-evaluate a few things. I wanted to make a concerted effort to be present and soak up every moment of the day as opposed to rushing from one social gathering to the next. I told Helen Sadler (from the AACL) that my heart would be so happy if I had a four-legged friend to keep me company while I work or to go for walks with on the beach. She said that they had just the dog for me, and she was right. When I went to visit Grace at the shelter, it was love at first sight. She climbed onto my lap immediately and I dreamt about her in the coming weeks.

Immediately upon her arrival at home, Grace knew exactly where her bed was. She bonded instantly with her toy, Giraffe-y, and the two of them became inseparable (he’s already missing a horn, and it’s only been a week). She was cautious at first – even grass made her nervous, but her confidence is growing daily. Her favourite pastimes include chasing pigeons, playing fetch and napping on the couch in the sun. She’s the sweetest dog with the best personality and gives great cuddles! Grace is also an absolute sucker for attention and will walk around the house from family member to family member to ask for belly scratches and pats.

Thom Jones, the American short story author and writer, said: “Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them.” And I think, in a way, Gracie rescued me.

Gracie is the dog of my life.

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