16th Sep, 2020

Written by Dalene Erasmus – Marketing, SPCA Lower South

Professional photography by Colette Baillie Photography

The incredible journey with Missy, an albino Maltese, also known as the freeway doggy.

Missy was rescued from the highway by a kind person during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff at the Lower South Coast SPCA nicknamed her “Pinky”, as her skin was very sensitive, pink, and painful from progressive mange. She had extreme hair loss and was starving. We thought at first that she was blind, as her eyes were so badly infected with a white layer over each eye.

Missy desperately wanted to live. It was the unconditional love and care from the staff that changed her life forever. 

The clinic staff nursed Missy back to being a proud little Maltese poodle again. Her skin and eyes were treated daily, and she was put on a very special diet. This was made possible by the South Coast community, who rallied together and contributed towards her special food and medical treatment.

She spent her days in the clinic playing with the puppies and kittens.  

Missy met a little boy called Rex, who’d also come in during lockdown. (Sadly, due to epileptic seizures, Rex has since passed away.)

Missy never knew it, but she became the staff’s saviour during the difficult lockdown period. She was the light in a very dark time when fear and uncertainty of the dreaded pandemic controlled everyone’s lives.

When adoptions opened during Level 3, Missy was lucky to be adopted by Vi Farah. Her new mommy spoils her, and now, for the first time in her life, she has her own home.

Today, she can see clearly, and her hair has grown back. And she has the cutest little underbite… As time’s passed, she’s become so much better.   

Everyone learnt so much from her… where there’s life, there’s hope.

We’ll always love you, Missy.

Vi Farah, Missy’s new owner, shares…

After being alone for a few years and tired of being lonely during the lockdown, I decided that I needed a special little fluffy companion. “Missy” stole my heart when she dashed past me.

This little angel had very little fur on her back, and she had scabs. I think it was from sunburn, as she’d apparently come in as a stray and had been lost for a very long time.

Missy had major problems with her eyes and was treated by the Lower South Coast SPCA.

I fell in love and adopted Missy and have never regretted it a day since! I truly enjoy her company. Her little, almost hairless, tail never stops wagging. I’m thrilled to see that her fur is slowly growing back more and more every day.

After brushing her, I always get a lick on the cheek, and after cleaning her eyes I get more “love” licks. 

Missy has been such a pleasure, ever so alert, and she’s always by my side. She’s a wonderful little “BEST FRIEND”.


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