No hear? No fear!

17th Jun, 2020

Zenzi (left) and Diesel (right)

Written by Sonia Peck

In previous years, before DARG’s current directors took over, the dealing of homeless cats was quite mechanical. If there were cats in the adoption rooms for an extended period of time, they’d be transferred to the outside cat garden, where the hand-shy and feral cats live together. Then, the room they came from would house new arrivals.

When new management took over the reins, two cats from the garden were identified as being suitably adoptable. Both females – Zenzi, a sweet little ginger, and Diesel, a cuddly mottled grey – were put back into a cat room so that committed volunteers could socialise them and they could be seen by potential adopters.

There was, however, not going to be a seamless transition into a loving home, as the years of segregation from the bustling adoption hive meant that these two cats had become timid and nervous. These kitties needed some socialising!

One of the most important jobs that volunteers have is being patient with shy or nervous cats and allowing them to learn to trust humans. For weeks, volunteers gave their time to Zenzi and Diesel, and slowly their confidence grew.

Sadly, during this time, Zenzi developed a severe ear canal infection, and later, Diesel was found to have a horrible polyp deep in her ear canal. Unfortunately, the only solution for Zenzi was to remove both of her ear canals, which meant the loss of her hearing. Diesel also underwent surgery, and one of her ear canals was removed.

At this point, it was recognised that both these babies needed special care. With that, their possibility of being adopted looked bleak once again. But blessed they continued to be, as one of the long-standing volunteers who’d been so integral in the improvement of their well-being decided to take both girls home – home being already peppered with quite a few very pampered DARG cats and dogs! The cats were very fortunate in that they were able to recover together in an incredibly loving environment with a doting mum who adores them both.

Zenzi and Diesel most certainly landed with their paws in the butter. And it seems kindness breeds kindness, as ex-DARG cat “Teddy”, the oldest resident cat in their new home, now has his own cat-shaped, fur-clad hot water bottle: Zenzi senses his geriatric vulnerability and constantly sleeps curled up with him. It’s a beautiful reminder that to have love, you have to be love.

Celeste Munitz, Zenzi and Diesel’s new owner, shares…

There’s a very well-known quote which says, “It is not one’s perfections but rather one’s imperfections that make one perfect.” This quote is most apt when describing exactly how I see my precious little Zenzi and special Diesel, because it’s exactly their “imperfections” that make them absolutely “perfect” in every possible way, in addition to giving them the biggest and the best personalities ever! It’s a true honour to be the privileged custodian of Zenzi, Diesel and all my other “perfect” furry children.

The herculean efforts of Faustina Gardner (MD) at DARG cannot go unnoticed. Her countless hours, endless effort and constant care for all the animals at DARG is exactly what led lucky little Zenzi and precious Diesel to becoming “perfect” after their medical procedures and afforded them both a second chance to live happily ever after in a warm, loving home for many, many more “perfect” years to come!