Our Not-So-Scruffy-Anymore... Ollie

16th Oct, 2019

Written by Sandy Clifton – Adoption Officer, African Tails

Professional photography by Jackie Wernberg Photography

Adorable Ollie came to African Tails with his sister when they were just six weeks old. Ollie’s original name was “Luigi”, and from the beginning we could see that he was just the sweetest little soul, so full of love and affection for his foster and welcoming any and all affection he received in return. Ollie’s sister eventually found a home of her own, but we couldn’t understand why Ollie wasn’t being snapped up. He continued waiting patiently, until one day, all of a sudden and out of the blue, he was adopted.

His name changed from Luigi to “Scruffy”; he was very happy in his new home and very loved, but there was just one problem – his new owner’s existing Boerboel wouldn’t accept him, and they got into regular fights. Being the gentle little boy that he is, he just couldn’t stand up to a big Boerboel, and he was surrendered back to African Tails. He went to a lovely foster who changed his name to “Ollie”. She had a few smaller dogs and he was very happy, but there was just no interest in him. Although we advertised him regularly, nobody seemed keen to adopt him. He waited for almost six months with absolutely no inquiries about him. And then, all of a sudden, in one weekend, we had THREE applications for him, one of them being from Yael Fialkov.

One of Yael’s older dogs (from one of the first litters of pups taken in by African Tails when the organisation first started) had recently passed away, and she was looking for a child-friendly dog that would get on well with her other, older dog. Even though he had three possible homes, it wasn’t a difficult decision letting him go to Yael, because I knew he’d have the best life! Ollie is now living a wonderful life, surrounded by a family who adores him and a big doggie sister that loves him. Finally, Ollie has the happily ever after he so deserves! 

Yael Fialkov, Ollie’s new owner, shares…

People often say to me, I can’t get a rescue dog as I have children, and rescue dogs aren’t good with kids. They tell me that I need a pure breed from a breeder so I know what I’m getting. Yes, my jaw also dropped when I heard this... all my pets have been rescued, and from my own personal experience, I can confirm this generalisation is furthest from the truth; if anything, my kids may bite my rescued dogs! From the day the babies came home from the hospital, my rescued dogs bonded with both of my kids. Not all dogs are ideal with children, but this isn’t a rescue-centric issue but rather dog/owner-specific; you might find a dog from a breeder who doesn’t love kids.

You’ll never find a more loyal, loving and appreciative dog than a rescue. Once you go rescue, you won’t go back. This is the sentiment from many of my friends who used to only go to breeders and now have experienced the joy and positive experience from a rescued dog.

Every dog needs a second chance, and that’s exactly what Ollie was lucky enough to get, thanks to the African Tails team. Ollie lights up our home and oozes personality. Every night when we read to our kids, Ollie is right there next to us – our third child.

Ollie (only 18 months old despite his senior citizen look) became best of friends with Miss Lulu, who’s almost 12 years old (also adopted from African Tails). He crept into our hearts very quickly, and now we can’t imagine our lives without him. Someone’s trash is another person’s treasure. Ollie is our treasure.