Peach – home at last!

3rd Jul, 2019

Written by Kelan Gerriety

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

A remarkable follow-up to the previous Happy Tale published about Socks and Peach (Editor’s note: read Socks and Peach’s Happy Tale first, and then you’ll fully enjoy this one!)

I received a phone call last Tuesday from Cherylee Powell informing me that they believed they’d caught Peach, my missing cat! They were going to send some photos for me to see. They had neutered him. Even whilst feeling a little drowsy, she said he was very friendly, and I let myself get hopeful. She said he was very big, but so too was Socks when he was found. Peach was the bigger of the two, so that seemed to make sense, and I therefore allowed myself some hope.

I was wary about having hope in mind as it had been 16 months and one week since he’d got lost. There’d been so many false alarms! Just two days previously I’d been to the area to say my goodbyes. If I didn’t say goodbye and let go then I’d be sad every time I was in the area. Could they really have found my cat after I’d said goodbye to him? 

Cherylee sent me the photo and I knew instantly that it was Peach. I was neither excited nor tentatively hopeful; I was relieved – deeply, unbelievably relieved – and at peace, as though my family would be whole again.

But just to be extra cautious, I asked her to please check the tip of his tail for a kink. She confirmed the kink and asked if she should keep him for me. Being without a car, I had to wait for one to collect Peach. Cherylee took him home with her while I made a plan to get out there to collect him as quickly as I could.

When I got there, she was sitting with him, and again I just felt the same relief. No wild excitement, just calm but intense relief at seeing him. Apparently he’d been living in the drain down the road and had made friends with a woman who contacted the vet to help him. Once they’d caught him, they realised he looked just like my missing Peach.

He got into his carrier without much fight and fell asleep on the way home. I sat in the bedroom with him, and as soon as I opened I cage, he climbed into my lap and purred loudly. If I tried to move or walk anywhere, he’d run after me, rubbing against my legs and meowing loudly. He was the friendliest kitten, and living in the wild for over a year hadn’t changed his personality at all.

He now has the run of the house, but we’re waiting another week before allowing him to go outside. He definitely remembers us and his life here. He still sits on the rim of the bathtub with me as he did before, and he sleeps on the same top shelf where only he slept. While Socks is a little hesitant about Peach, he’s less skittish than he was last week. And I’m sure in another week or two, when they can move more freely, everything will settle back to how it was a little over 16 months ago. Peach is just happy to be home, and so am I.

Thank you to everyone who helped to bring Socks and Peach home. I don’t have words that can express how much it means to me to have them both back home safe.