Sabina Sends Her Love

8th Apr, 2022

Written by Camilla Logie

Professional photography by Strike a Pose Photography

Editor’s note: Sabina’s incredible Happy Tale first featured on Happy Tails in 2020We decided to check in with Camilla and find out how Sabina is doing...

Sabina cat, AKA Beans, has come into her own; she shares a happy home with six cats and two dogs, all of which she loves dearly. Her best friend is Libby, the one-eyed Soweto-born honey.

Her favourite things to do are: 1. Eat chicken and 2. Wee on the dogs’ beds. While we only ever get to eat a half portion of chicken, and the washing machine is constantly cleaning beds, we still consider ourselves so lucky to have her.

She used to be the most shy, scared kitty and couldn’t stand being picked up. Although she still dislikes being picked up, she certainly isn’t the former two anymore. She chases everyone around the house, basks in the sun, and enjoys her days with her best friend.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in her rescue, and the late animal rescuer, Sabina Essa – I hope you’re smiling down from heaven because, as sad as your passing was, you brought some incredible light into our lives.


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