Sabrina The Rescue Pit Bull Pup

10th Jul, 2020

Written by Deidre Esterhuizen, Founder of PuppyLove Rescue & Rehoming

Professional photography by Savanna Jade Photography

Sabrina was just four-and-a-half months old when she was rescued from Macassar. She’d been buried alive and was rescued by a man who had her for two weeks when his Pit Bulls attacked her when she just wanted food. A lady passing by saw this skeleton puppy on the 30th of April, standing against a fence, trying to hold herself up. She was skin and bone, covered in bite wounds, and very weak. Sabrina was surrendered to the lady and immediately taken to Animal Welfare Society Helderberg. On the 1st of May she was brought to me for round-the-clock care and nurturing.

Sabrina was extremely weak, badly dehydrated, and very dirty. I gently bathed this very fragile girl just to get her a bit cleaner. She didn’t want to eat or drink and had to be force-fed. She slept for about seven hours after her bath. The next morning, she was taken to the vet for a checkup. She weighed 2.2kg, which the vet found shocking. After an anti-inflammatory injection was administered, Sabrina was sent home with antibiotics and pain medication.

Baxter’s Good Dog Food Company kindly donated cooked food to Sabrina, which she slowly started eating. Five days later, she was taken to the vet for a follow-up, and she’d picked up 400g. She began wagging her little tail and walked around more but was still weak. Every day, she improved, picked up more weight, got stronger in her legs, and wasn’t depressed anymore.

After about two weeks, she got Tracheitis (a bad phlegmy cough) and had to go onto more antibiotics. At this consultation, she weighed in at 4.6kg.

Sabrina is doing extremely well... she found out that she can run and bark and pick up more weight (now she loves her food). Being so malnourished, she’s still very small for a five-month-old Pit Bull but is slowly getting the sturdy build of the breed.

The search for the best home for Sabrina was a challenge… but I’m thrilled to say it’s been found with Samantha Leigh.

Samantha Leigh, Sabrina’s new owner, shares…

We’re a young couple who moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town to settle down, and we’d been looking to adopt a dog for quite some time. I started following Deidre’s page and fell in love with Sabrina, so I contacted her immediately.

I couldn’t believe how much she’d blossomed in her foster home and how Deidre had got her back to life. I just knew at that moment we needed to adopt her. We put everything into place, and before we knew it, we were taking Sabrina home, and she’s settled in beautifully.

I sat there one evening wondering how we did life without her. She’s made our house a home. She follows us everywhere; she loves going for daily walks, and her favourite thing to do is play and take naps throughout the day.

We’re so excited to watch her flourish and grow, and we promise to give her the best life. She’s the apple of our eye. We can’t wait to share all our happy moments with her!

View Sabrina’s video here, and follow her on her Facebook page here.

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