Saving Skywalker

1st Apr, 2022

Written by Lorna Hughes – General Manager, Animal Welfare Society Stellenbosch

Professional photography by Caroline Hartley Photography

On the 3rd of January, I received a call from Campus Security to say that they were struggling to get someone to assist them with a dog on the roof of the Engineering building! I immediately sent Inspector Rudy Bergstedt to take a look. When he returned, he said he couldn’t find a dog, but we decided to go back and leave food and water.

When he went back later, he found the dog in a room; it was clear that she’d been eating a few doves during her stay. We were relieved that she’d been hiding there as it had rained a few days previously. Rudy managed to gently get a lead around her neck and brought her back to the shelter.

I suspect she was part of a hunting pack that had been seen a few kilometres away previously and had possibly got lost. She was quite shy and showed teeth at first, but we made friends over the next few days. After a vet check-up, arrangements were made for her transfer to Sighthound Rescue SA.

Cheryl Campbell, Founder of Sighthound Rescue SA, shares...

Skywalker came to me for rehabilitation from AWS Stellenbosch, as do many Greyhounds.

I fed her up and had all her vet work done. A kind donation from Stellenbosch University covered her vet bills, special food and medication, for which we were very grateful.

I taught Skywalker the basics like house-training and socialising her with other hounds and people, as she was terrified of man and beast.

She then moved on to our best foster/hound finishing school, Elsa Olivier, to prepare her for adoption.

Skywalker is ready for her new family now, and should anyone be interested in adopting her, they can email

Elsa Olivier, Skywalker’s Foster Mum, shares...

Skywalker came to me healthy and fully house-trained on the 21st of January, after rehab with Cheryl Campbell. She’s the nineteenth Greyhound-type dog I have fostered for Sighthound Rescue SA; I just love the breed.

In the first week or so, Skywalker was still quite scared of people and a little unsure when people approached her suddenly, even if it was to love and cuddle her. It took about a week for her to trust us and slowly allow kisses and hugs. And then she bloomed into a playful, funny little girl who LOVES walks, being driven in a car, and playing with my other dogs.

Skywalker attends domestic obedience training with a local dog trainer/behaviourist, Susan Bellis, and is learning super fast. She’s already mastered the basic obedience stuff and is confident using elementary agility equipment. She walks well on the lead, has a fairly good recall, and loves interacting with other dogs.

Sky is a sensitive doggy and may be aloof with strangers at first, but she’s resilient and adjusts quickly. She’d love a home where there’s another doggy to play with and some space to run. She’s a smallish dog, no bigger than a Whippet, and must sleep indoors. She’ll happily stay outside (weather permitting) with other dogs while her family goes shopping.

Oh yes – I need to add... a Greyhound will zoom through the garden/home for a bit, but they recharge slowly. They’re likely to sleep for a whole morning. Sky is less active than most other Greys that I’ve fostered. Whoever adopts her will fall madly in love with her in no time at all!

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