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Finding George

24th Mar, 2017
Two weeks had passed and there was still no sign of our George.Those two weeks were beyond nerve-racking. We posted all over Facebook and Gumtree, made and put up posters, called and visited the SPCA – literally everything we were advised to do and could think of. People would call me and tell me they’d found George only for us to be more disappointed that it wasn’t him at all. ...read more

The Tale of Toban

29th Mar, 2017
Four years ago, I discovered an established colony of feral cats in the parking area of my previous work place. As I’ve always adored animals, I started feeding the cats in the early mornings and again before returning home late in the afternoons. I also provided fresh water daily. The cats were shy and cautious around me and most kept their distance. But there was one – a large male tabby with a beautiful coat – whose striking looks and tame nature caught my attention. ...read more

Paige’s Story

22nd Mar, 2017
In March 2014 we lost our dear Pharaoh, the most amazing black cat. We experienced a deep loss and our home was not the same. I’d had three black cats previously and vowed to never live without a black cat. They are incredible! I begged my hubby to adopt another cat. For a long time the answer was always ‘no’ until, one day, DogtownSA put an adoption advertisement on Facebook… ...read more

My “connection” with the now-closed Krugersdorp SPCA began in May 2015 when helping Charmaine Booysens of The 9th Day in rescuing a little brown Dachshund. The poor thing had been dumped on the front doorstep of the closed SPCA and was running and hiding on the runway of the airfield close by. ...read more

The wonderful story of how a little grey-and-white cat with broken hind legs who was found in a drain went on to become a beloved, pampered family member. ...read more

Weighing in at a mere 950g, her fragile 3-day-old body covered in ticks, Khaleesi – a female Chacma Baboon – was found abandoned in Hluhluwe in December 2016. A passer-by spotted her at the side of the road with no troop in sight. Now seven weeks old, little Khaleesi has adjusted well and has already gained some much-needed weight. ...read more

Teacher’s Pet

8th Mar, 2017
I began working as a teacher at Republiek Primary in Windvogel, Bethelsdorp (Port Elizabeth), in 2015 and I soon noticed the many stray dogs in the area. They broke my heart and I started bringing leftover food from home or the school’s nutrition programme for the dogs that visited the schoolyard. After a while there were about five stray dogs in front of my classroom waiting for the leftovers – and one of them was a small tricolour female called Mamma. ...read more

Just Jasper

3rd Mar, 2017
In early April 2016, Cat Care Port Elizabeth (CCPE), an organisation caring for feral cats, came across a pale ginger-and-white cat with a horrific injury. It appeared that the cat had somehow gotten his left foreleg caught in his collar and, because the collar had a normal buckle and not a quick-release one, he’d been unable to get the leg back out again. ...read more

On the 29th of August 2016 I was sitting in my car, terrified. I was waiting for the minutes to pass until I could see my mom – she was fighting for her life in ICU. To try and distract myself, I started scrolling through Facebook. A friend of mine had shared a video. I opened it. As soon as it started to play, I was utterly in love. ...read more

Ready-made family

24th Feb, 2017
It all started one morning while I was scrolling through Facebook and spotted two animals – Gracie and Cleo – looking for a new home. The picture of the most beautiful dog and cat cuddling together stole my heart and the fact that they couldn’t be separated just added to their appeal. ...read more

Page 35 of 41, 401 articles found. Displaying: 341-350